AI solutions for smart, data-driven business decisions

We offer AI consulting and product development for all industries, helping you leverage artificial intelligence to make confident, informed decisions that propel your business forward.

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You know you need to start leveraging AI in your business. But where? And how?

Without an external perspective, it’s hard to know where to start. Our AI consulting experts work with you to identify your key problems and apply proven digital and AI solutions that get tangible results.

Increased revenue

Artificial intelligence can identify patterns and trends in consumer behaviour and sales, helping you know when and how to pivot your business strategy to maximize returns.

More efficient processes

Every business has process gaps and redundancies. Leverage AI to identify inefficiencies and optimize your workflows.

Informed decision making

Without data on your side, you’re left relying on your gut for critical business decisions. AI-powered data insights give you the information you need to move forward with confidence.

Improved data structure

Lots of data but not sure what to do with it? Artificial intelligence helps you organize, store, integrate, and govern your data across your business.

Industries we’ve helped

Natural Resources



Oil & Gas


Supply Chain



We transform data to solve real business problems

Holistic approach

Sometimes the visible problem is the result of a larger, hidden issue. We look at your business as a whole to identify where we can make the biggest impact and drive the most value.

Proprietary techniques

AI is powerful, but you have to know how to leverage it. We apply our unique AI techniques and advanced analytics services to solve complex problems.

Scientific foundation

Many businesses claim to be AI experts. Few have the scientific foundation to back it up. We’ve built our own analytics foundation from theory and apply a proven, scientific approach to every project.

Customized solutions

We know every customer has a different budget and internal capabilities. That’s why we customize our services to your unique situation. You can work with us as much or as little as you need.

How can we help?

From initial analytics assessment to complete product solution, we customize our services to your business needs.

Management Consulting

  • AI Discovery
  • Customized AI Blueprints

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AI Product Development

  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Ongoing Support

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Committed to helping you make sense of data

Our mission

To solve world problems and make a positive impact on people’s lives by leveraging artificial intelligence and driving innovation.

Our vision

To provide ethical and accessible intelligent decision-making solutions to the world.

Our partners

Data is an asset. We believe with the right partners to support your analytics journey, AI can help organizations to grow fast and operate efficiently.

Wayne Madhlangobe

Senior Partner

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