AI Empowerment & Collaboration with University of Calgary

By Farnoush Farnia  
   January 12, 2021

An Exciting Opportunity is Underway

With the growing popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) in business, we wonder where we can apply AI effectively.  At Intelius AI, we believe artificial intelligence is an extremely useful and powerful tool, but there needs to be education and empowerment in the use of AI. To educate and empower, Intelius has decided to collaborate with the University of Calgary. This collaboration will provide students the opportunity to solve real-world problems by applying machine learning models and techniques. The intent of collaboration is to provide the youth with exposure to applications in AI. Having chosen the University of Calgary as a partner, Intelius aims to promote the use of AI technology within Alberta. Since the Albertan economy is predominantly consumed by oil and gas, it is exciting to branch into other technical industries and assist in diversifying the economy of our home!

Project Synopsis

With the guidance of Intelius’ senior mentors and data science experts, the students will be working on applications of AI specifically within the fintech industry. The proposed outcome of the model will be to analyze the market based on the impact of news within social media. Company news, economic news, and Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, have proved to have an impact on financial markets. Impact on financial markets have varied depending on the individual, but as more and more influential figures turn to social media to announce news, the market have certainly been affected. The absence of reliable analysis on news is becoming increasingly apparent. Should the common investor be able to analyze and quantify the impact of social media effectively, we could help alleviate the stress of analysis that many investors undergo. The use of AI platforms within financial markets is not uncommon, but the validity of the results has always been in question. To prove the validity, we will be using news sentiment and natural processing languages (NLP) technology to propose an integrated automated robustness testing for AI-enabled trading. The solution covers both software-level robustness testing as well as the robustness of the AI algorithms, especially when the inputs are sentiments learnt from online social networks.

Be prepared to see the first product of this collaboration come to life in 2021 Q3!

Thank you for reading and should you have any questions, we at Intelius AI would be glad to answer.

Farnoush Farnia
Co-Founder & CEO

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