Veterinary AI lab a pioneer research center in developing new diagnostic solutions

By Wayne Madhlangobe  
   June 15, 2021

Intelius AI is proud to be a partner with the Veterinary AI lab at the University of Guelph to build a Machine Learning-based quality control of canine thoracic radiographs tool. The team of researchers at the Veterinary AI lab will help Intelius to innovate cutting-edge technology that assists in taking more accurate canine thoracic radiographs and reducing patient radiation. Intelius AI will collaborate with the university team to build the minimum viable product by 2023. Intelius AI will continue to commercialize the product to its full functionality and make it accessible to veterinarian clinics worldwide. For more information please visit the news release by the University of Guelph. 

Wayne Madhlangobe
Strategic AI Advisor & CTO

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