Who We Are? – in Celebration of Diversity

By Farnoush Farnia  
   March 2, 2021

Our Inclusivity and Diversity
In honour of the Government of Canada celebrating the 25th anniversary of Black History Month and Women’s Month of March, we want to take a moment to recognize racial and gender equality and inclusivity. Based on the Fall Economic Statement provided by the Government of Canada, we continue to face systemic barriers and discrimination in the workplace. As participating members of the 50-30 challenge and as Canadian citizens, it is our obligation to ensure that we continue to break down systemic barriers and discrimination by establishing policies and values behind equal representation and fair treatment.

How do we accomplish this monumental task, you ask? We start from a top-down approach. One of the considerable problems outlined in the Fall Economic Statement is that many leadership teams are composed of single-gender, single-race individuals. Organizations are complex and have different dynamics that lead to success. Success and goals start from the leadership team. To truly embody racial and gender inclusivity, leadership teams need to have the correct representation through diverse skillsets, backgrounds, and ideologies.

To celebrate diversity and inclusion, we highlight the team at Intelius AI. Our CEO, Farnoush Farnia, sets an exceptional example of what it means to be a female in leadership. In combination with our CTO, Wayne Madhlangobe, who is of African descent, we lead by example in possessing a diverse executive leadership team. Intelius’ day-to-day managers are also majorly composed of minority females. With representation from varying backgrounds, our core values are integrity and teamwork. Integrity and teamwork at Intelius mean that we want to ensure that we act with integrity in collaboration regardless of racial or gender backgrounds. Farnoush and Wayne have done an exemplary job in sending this message to the organization by constantly highlighting notable and significant achievements for minorities and females in the world. We are very proud to have such a diverse cast of individuals!

We also love sharing the 50-30 challenge with other organizations. If your organization would like to sign-up, please use this quick and easy sign-up form and share it with us today!

What’s Coming up?

With our commitment to the 50-30 challenge, here are a couple of upcoming events. Please look forward to our future interactions in the community:

  • International Women’s Day – March 8th, 2021
  • International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination – March 21st, 2021
Farnoush Farnia
Co-Founder & CEO

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