Artificial intelligence for digital business transformation

Want to drive more value for your business? We help you identify where and how to leverage AI for maximum value. Then we build the solutions you need to achieve it.

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AI business solutions, customized to your organizational and technical needs

Management Consulting

Our AI consulting experts conduct detailed assessments to uncover high-value opportunities for AI implementation and create and de-risk a plan that works with your budget.

AI Discovery

We offer a holistic transformation strategy approach where we leverage digital technology and advanced analytics to modify or create new processes to help your business meet changing market needs.

We work with you to identify your company’s valuable and unique data sources, key processes that would benefit from automation, and the internal resources required to execute the AI transformation.

Customized AI Blueprints

We analyze the value each opportunity would offer to your business. We then explore the business and technical feasibility of implementing new AI solutions. Business feasibility guides us to understand if your business and your internal users have the capacity to adopt the proposed solution. Technical feasibility shows us the complexity, interdependency, and the resources that would be required to implement the solution. These detailed blueprints help you de-risk your business before deciding to move forward and invest in AI.

AI Product Development

We live and breathe problem-solving. From ideation to development and support, we help your team implement innovative AI solutions to solve complex business problems.

Solution Design

We take an agile, solutions-based approach to solving complex problems. We follow a five-step design thinking process: empathize with the user, define the problem, generate ideas, develop a prototype, and test the solution.

Product Development

We are in the process of developing an innovative AI platform that acts as an accelerator for product development in a wide range of industries. This platform will enable us to tailor product development to your specific organization.

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Ongoing Support

AI solutions and models can drift over time. We provide continuous model support services to ensure your investments stay relevant to your business needs and current market conditions.

Here’s how we do it

Ideate (Business Evaluation)

We map out where your business drives value and identify key process gaps or insufficiencies that can be addressed with AI. We define these opportunities by conducting a deep-dive data assessment, proposing technical solutions, and analyzing the value at stake.

Invent (Minimum Viable Product)

We iterate on solutions and translate raw data into business performance via feature engineering and modeling. We build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that can be tested and validated.

Implement (Proof of Value)

We test the invented solution (the MVP) live with users to measure the value it offers in its current state. Then we scale up the solution and implement it by stabilizing and automating models and data pipelines into digital or end-user applications.

Insure (Support and Enhance)

We provide ongoing support for your AI solutions and help you monitor data quality, maintain the accuracy of the models, and adapt solutions to changes in business rules or market conditions.

Work more efficiently with our proprietary AI products

i2 Artificial Intelligence Platform

Jumpstart your AI product development with the i2 Artificial Intelligence Platform, a product development accelerator with base algorithms and innovative architecture that serves as a foundational layer on top of any cloud provider or premise.

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i2 Trader

We’re making trading easy. For everyone. The i2 Trader is an agent-based automated trading platform for general investing.

Intelius Plus

Intelius Plus helps you optimize your AI projects and match ideal talent with your business.

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Intelligent Pre-Ser-COV System (IPCS)

This integrated platform leverages various techniques for precise and reliable linear B-cell epitope prediction.

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